Family Law

Family Law


Derived from the Latin word “divert”

The dissolution of a marriage and its effect on a family is extremely emotional and trying for all individuals involved. The attorneys and staff at the Murray Law Group have vital experience and compassion when providing representation during these difficult times.

We work aggressively on complex matters to ensure that you receive the best outcome for you and your family with the least amount of emotional turmoil. Our unwavering commitment and extensive knowledge of the family court system ensures that we settle your matter as quickly and effectively as possible. We have successfully represented husband, fathers, wives, mothers, grandparents and even aunts and uncles. We have experience and understanding dealing with substance abuse, abduction and child support issues. We have a strong responsibility to keep the best interests of children when they are involved.


  • Divorce Litigation
  • Divorce Mediation

Separation Agreements

Custody/Visitation Disputes

Child Support Issues

Orders of Protection